Frequently Asked Questions About Counterfeiting:

Q: I found a website that looks legitimate and sells Tory Burch products. Is it real?


A: A dangerous new trend in counterfeiting is the “rogue website.” These websites invoke the look and feel of the official Tory Burch website, or otherwise create the impression that authentic Tory Burch products are sold through the website, when in fact their products are fake.

Many of these sites actually copy photographs and/or text directly from our official site. In addition, they may offer a believable discount on the suggested retail price of an alleged Tory Burch product to make consumers believe they are receiving a good deal on a real product, ultimately you may receive a low quality fake, or nothing at all.

Warning! Just because one or more of the following points may be true about a website does NOT necessarily mean that it is an authorized retailer:

  • The website’s domain name contains the words TORY BURCH;
  • The website appears in a search engine result;
  • The website links to;
  • The website has the look and feel of the TORY BURCH brand;
  • The website uses TORY BURCH photographs or product images;
  • The website claims to be an “official” TORY BURCH site;
  • The website claims to offer TORY BURCH products at a discount.

We have identified a number of these websites that infringe our intellectual property rights and sell counterfeit products. Examples include the following:

Q: I found Tory Burch products for sale on an auction website. Are they authentic?


A: Auction websites do not generally guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their sites. For this reason, there may be counterfeit goods available through auction sites, despite language from the seller that the item is genuine or authentic. While we regularly monitor auction sites to locate and take down infringing product listings, counterfeiters continue to post listings for fake products, and we cannot assure that any given listing for a Tory Burch product is genuine. Our authorized retailers do not sell on auction sites or trade boards.

Q: Where can I find genuine Tory Burch products?


A: Authentic Tory Burch products are available in our Tory Burch boutiques, Tory Burch outlet stores, and online at . You can also find our products in select authorized department stores and specialty stores. To find official stores near you, visit

Our company does not offer merchandise for sale through individuals, street vendors, unauthorized retail locations, Internet auctions, or at house parties. If you buy an alleged Tory Burch product through an unauthorized dealer, you could be purchasing a counterfeit.

Q: Why should I care about counterfeiting?


A: Counterfeiting is illegal. Counterfeiters unfairly profit at the expense of legitimate business owners and harm the economy through lost revenues, jobs, and taxes. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting accounts for 5-7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion a year.

Counterfeit merchandise also deprives you of the assured high quality standards embodied in the Tory Burch brand. Counterfeit products do not undergo our inspection or testing processes. In addition, counterfeiters may not adhere to safety, health, or wage regulations, such as anti-sweatshop and child labor laws. Counterfeiters have also been linked to identity theft and organized crime. Consequently, when you purchase a counterfeit product, not only are you likely to receive a poor quality product, but you are likely supporting illegal activity.

Q: What is Tory Burch doing to combat counterfeiting?


A: We have developed a comprehensive program to combat the unauthorized production and sale of our merchandise. We participate in numerous enforcement efforts throughout the world, including cooperation with customs authorities and law enforcement agencies to stop the shipment of counterfeit goods, criminal and civil legal actions against counterfeiters, and the takedown of counterfeit websites, fraudulent online auction listings, and unauthorized sponsored links.

Q: How can I help?


A: Please help us combat counterfeits! To report counterfeit products, send an e-mail to Please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Location of the merchandise (i.e., retail, street vendor, website, factory, etc.);
  • Number of products offered;
  • Type/style of products offered;
  • Any other brand name products that may be present.

Thanks for your help!