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Our most-wanted crossbody: the Miller camera bag

Designer Crossbody Bags
Looking for the ultimate blend of style and practicality? Look no further than crossbody bags. For day or evening: the latest women’s designer crossbody bags — from classic collections like Fleming, Kira, and Miller to new crossbody leather bags, crossbody sling bags, and quilted crossbody bags in suede, canvas and nylon. There are even straw crossbody bags to add summer vacation style to any look. It's official: the side bag has taken center stage.

Large to Small Crossbody Purses
If you're toting around way more than just the essentials for work, kids, or just extra busy days, large crossbody bags are the way to go. A large crossbody purse has all the room you need for the essentials and well beyond. And despite their size, big crossbody bags can be just as stylish as any mini bag. Choose from leather, canvas, nylon, and either stick with neutrals or pick from a wide range of bold colors and embellishments.

If you need to carry all the daily essentials but don't want to have a large bag in tow, a small crossbody bag is a smart solution. A small camera bag, crossbody camera bag, or small messenger bag are all diminutive in size, but have plenty of room inside due to their rectangular, roomy shape. And if you want to go hands-free without having to leave your phone at home (but don't want to carry much more than your phone, keys and a card case or wallet), go for a crossbody phone bag.

Convertible Crossbody Bags
Convertible crossbody bags are the ultimate in versatility. From totes to backpacks and beyond, the addition of a crossbody strap multiplies a bag's usability quotient. A convertible crossbody saddle bag or crossbody satchel bag are style statements with plenty of substance to boot, and crossbody tote bags offer the welcome option of hand-carrying and hands-free wearing. And if you're looking for an option to carry the bare essentials while enhancing virtually any style of outfit, convertible crossbody wallet purses and crossbody clutches will be your new favorite companion.